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Savings Maximiser: Instant Access Cash Management

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Savings Maximiser is now even better with reduced minimums and a fixed monthly cost, regardless of how much you save. Our cash management service is aimed at those with at least £25,000 and who want to retain instant access to their money at all times. Savings Maximiser aims to provide a consistently competitive rate of interest, while maintaining security for your savings.

Main features

The main features of the service are:

  • Comparing best buys from across the savings market
  • Instant access
  • Simple, secure and saving you time
  • Full banking facilities
  • Keeping you up to date with top fixed rate bonds and other savings alternatives
  • UK-only institutions with a banking licence providing FSCS peace of mind

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Savings Focus – Investec savings accounts offering up to 3.85% AER fixed

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Investec Bank continues to offer innovative savings plans which combine a competitive interest rate with efficient service and attractive features.  So if you have a minimum of £25,000 to deposit, and you want to take advantage of some of the highest savings rates on the market, their latest range of accounts are certainly worth reviewing. With a range including instant access and fixed terms between 1 and 5 years, there should be something for every saver. All the Investec savings accounts featured below are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Investec E-asy Access – 1.30% AER

The E-asy Access Account pays 1.30% AER variable with interest paid monthly and there is no bonus included in the rate so what you see is what you continue to get. This is a no notice easy access account and so there is no restriction on the number of withdrawals or who you can pay. The account is available as a single or joint account and access to account information is via online and telephone banking. Interest is paid monthly and will therefore compound unless paid away into another account. You can apply online, request further information to be sent to you via email, or have someone from the bank call you back.

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Interest Rate Latest and Why More Savers are Turning to Investments

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You would be hard pushed not to hear the continuing speculation around when the next interest rate rise will be, and with good cause. This has the potential to affect all of us and so understanding when this might occur, and the impact it will have, is understandably a top priority. In addition, the recent changes to the ISA rules have resulted in greater flexibility and an increased allowance of £15,000. Although good news for both savers and investors, the former continue to find it tough as savings rates remain low. We take a look at the potential impact a rise in interest rates might have as well as why more and more savers are starting to consider their investment options.

Interest rate latest

Interest rates have remained at their record low for over five years. When Mark Carney took over as governor of the Bank of England, he initiated the Bank’s ‘forward guidance’ which linked a nudge up in interest rates would occur should unemployment move below7%. Since then, there have been increasing attempts to move away from this measure as the unemployment rate dipped quicker than expected. Predictions of when a rise might occur have since abounded with a rise seemingly getting closer and closer, or, as Mr Carney put it when speaking at the annual Mansion House dinner last month, ‘could rise sooner than markets currently expect’. He said that although there is no pre-set course for this to take, ‘2.5% is likely to become the ‘new normal’ level for the base rate by 2017’.
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