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Social Impact Bond Offers Up To 15.1% Per Year Using Tax Breaks

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Socially responsible investment and competitive returns are not always phrases that are found in the same sentence, but a new investment opportunity launched this week may be an exception. Launched in partnership with ethical bank Triodos, under the leadership of CEO Richard Nicol, the Midlands Together Community Investment Company (CIC) Bond aims to address some of the obstacles faced by ex-offenders when seeking employment after the end of their sentence. The money raised will be used to provide training and employment opportunities in the Midlands to some of the 58.2% of adults serving short-term prison sentences who go on to reoffend upon release (source, 30/07/13).

A worthwhile investment

Many ex-offenders lack training, experience and skills to enter the workplace, as well as facing social and personal challenges to gaining employment. With the odds stacked against them, many ex-offenders find it all too easy to drift back into their previous lifestyle on leaving prison. Midlands Together aims to provide paid work for ex-offenders and equip them with the skills they need to secure permanent jobs, helping them break out of the cycle of reoffending.

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